Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lewis and Clark

It's exploration week around here. I'm exploring new ways to format photos on the blog because my amazing friend Kirsten decided to give a brilliant blog tutorial on her own blog. How did she know I was coveting her layouts and mad skills? Love when others fulfill subconscious desires for free.

Then there's the one year old, who is constantly finding new places and things to explore. Went to Noodles and Company today with some fellow moms in the neighborhood, and Jackson definitely tried to explore the kitchen. The other patrons were very friendly and thankfully helped keep him safe.

Of course toilet paper is always exciting to explore. Our roll is in a general state of mishap (humans are not capable of re-rolling up toilet paper). And now he's figured out how to tear it up.

Some explorations are parent supported, like tooth brushing. We were given a little plastic infant toothbrush and since experts feel it's a necessary thing, we'll take the time to enjoy brushing our pearly whites together.

It's been one of the easier recommended things to accomplish, since Jackson feels so cool to do it along side dad.

We've also been exploring new sleeping positions. Long gone are the days of back and side sleeping. I woke Jackson up from a rather long nap to find him buried (head and all) in his blankets, with only his two feet poking out. This sweaty hairdo was the result.

The palm up, face down position seems to be the most common way to discover him. In general it melts my heart--unless he happens to be wedged against the crib bars. That inevitably causes cringing--as I think of the future head bump that will likely occur.

Finally, Jackson has been exploring books like crazy. The other night (I'm certain 2 am is still night), he was up for an hour. Each time we would come in to calm him down, he would try and wiggle out of our arms. The one time he managed to, he sat down and read 3 books. Finally I put him back in his crib--tough luck. 2:30 am is not the time.

He has this one book that he loves. It's all about the commonalities between animal and human families. Favorite page: "All families laugh at jokes."

The first time we read it, he started sniggering when we turned to the page. Not sure if he can relate to the concept (he is a Brown), or he just thinks the little girls are cute. Whatever the reason, it certainly made me laugh. He continues to have an obsession with the page, and generally gives a laugh when he sees it. Here's a glimpse of the little snigger.

(As you can tell from the video, conventional exploration is never required)

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  1. You're too kind!

    I love your little man Jackson. Even though I haven't met him, I feel like I know him from all the stories and photos!

    I love him, simply put.


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