Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Passing those Rites

Jackson passed through to the portal of sugar, honey, and nuts this week. He didn't take too well to the sugar party we had for him. He just ended up crawling through the cake with out taking more than a one finger lick to celebrate his big day.

He did manage to get some frosting on his nose and fingers--to help out with the kodak moment.

But only ended up crawling through it in the end.

I don't think this was his favorite part of the day.

He also chose his future career among the following options--

(Athletics, construction, finance, medical, culinary, education, philosophy, public sector)

Apparently he's not satisfied with his government saleried parents and is headed for for finance.

Despite the solemn look, we all had a lovely time at his party. The sun was out, and Jackson got to play with some of his favorite friends. Gracie was very intent on helping Jackson see the benefits of the medical field. Apparently that wasn't for him. The calculator is by far his favorite toy of late, and he will even let me change his diaper if he gets to hold it. I love unexpected benefits of things like that.

Later that day, we had our first call to poison control after Jackson swallowed one of these beauties that had been covering a mishap from the party.
I felt a little silly calling, but the guy was very nice, and assured me that the only thing to worry about was it obstructing any vital pathways (like air)--which the bandaid initially did, but slid down soon enough to forgo any major damage.

Our last rite has been growing steadily for the last month. Conversation is quite an art, especially as a new one year old. Jackson's favorite time to talk is while he's drinking from his bottle. He'll take a couple sips, look at me, mention something, and then go back to drinking. Often--as an afterthought--he'll pull the bottle away, say something with intense meaning in his eyes, and laugh as if he told a little joke.

This captured moment does not show his capabilities with deep thought, but it's a fun glimpse into his jibber jabber. Eat it up!


  1. Woah...did he have a lot to say! That video gave me just the laugh I needed, thank you!

    In case you thought you were the only one with issues with your one year old eating a bandaid, you're not. While Ethan didn't swallow his, I did find one in his mouth the other day...while we were at the park....which means (urp, I almost throw up every time I think about it) that it was some random strangers bandaid! Uck.

    Anyway, it looks like it was a lovely party. I wish we lived closer so we could have been there!


  2. I miss the jibbeer jabber of babies! He is so adorable!

  3. the original post got deleted somehow! Probably from so many movie view from the aunties.

  4. He's just the cutest! And you make me laugh!


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