Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jackson--with some Michael in those Feet

Our church has this awesome tradition of setting aside Monday night as family night. Mostly it's an excuse to all be together when our lives are crazy in the future, but right now it's our best excuse to sing a hymn, have a spiritual discussion and enjoy an activity together. We were enjoying ourselves a little Family Home Evening this past Monday, and during the opening hymn (Praise to the Man in Spanish), Jackson busted out the moves. This kid was going all over the room with his feet and hands obviously moving to the distinct rhythms of that timeless hymn. Mark and I barely kept the music going (it's really difficult to laugh and sing at the same time), but immediately concluded we need movies of these amazing moves.

Though these little snippets have the piano providing some nice classical music, they emphasize the brilliance that must come with this boy's given name.

I love how when he falls down, his feet keep moving

This one exemplifies his ability to keep the beat even with a toy rake in hand.
(Impressive I know.)

If only we could film in the chapel! A couple weeks ago he was hula-ing (i.e. swaying his hips very distinctly) out in the middle of the isle during the closing song. Oh my precious blackmail stories!

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