Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, Hurricane

Jackson was overjoyed to hear about Irene coming to the east coast. Rain is so nice and warm back here, which makes for great puddle jumping and playing compared with my North West home.

Of course, Jackson didn't get to play much in the hurricane. He and I were driving through Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania on our way back from a beautiful wedding. But he did plenty of practicing in AZ with the rain he could find.

(Leftover water coming from the A/C unit totally counts doesn't it?)

The prop umbrella in this picture was just chosen by Jackson randomly out of the many lego props, and carried outside for its use in this photo shoot. I don't think he had any idea how logical his choice of prop was. Lucky!

The wedding was for a dear friend of mine from elementary school.

Jackson was adored by all, and loved the drizzling rain that came before the hurricane.

(These cute pics are from my friend Shanti since I was terrible at keeping the camera handy)

Irene left a much smaller trail than expected, but boy howdy! It caused much mayhem for all the wedding guests. Most had flights delayed until Tuesday or Wednesday! Jackson and I decided to leave really early Sunday and drive clear around--going through Scranton PA (yes The Office) and Harrisburg before heading home via Hagerstown, MD.
We still had quite a nice flavor of Irene's potential. I saw more water on the ground and falling form the sky than imaginable, and then the wind! Hopefully if we're here for another,I'll be in a house--not white knuckled to the steering wheel of a car.
A small sacrifice, but well worth it for such a lovely couple.


  1. So glad you guys made it safely home!! What fun pictures:)

  2. Those rain pictures are really fantastic. You've got such a handsome fellow on your hands!


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