Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

Hmmm... Where did you pick this one up???

Luckily there was no food inside. That would have been as messy as meal time is.

Jackson is happily at the stage of copying. He enjoys exploring, but often in a new place he needs a little coaxing to start.

Like this cool fountain in the children's garden at Longwood Gardens. He looked at it for a while,

but with one little example, he took off and had a blast getting totally soaked.

Onward to the stage of wanting everything someone else has (including knives, scissors, our wallets, phones) and imitating how we use them. Learning is so brilliantly natural.


  1. "learning is so brilliantly natural"=best quote ever, your writing is lovely. and that picture of him splashing is priceless!

  2. He is so adorable!! What a good help in the kitchen he'll be some day:)


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