Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More.... Rain

For labor day we were planning to do this:

Thankfully, we checked the weather 10 hours before we left and discovered Lee. Conspicuously causing issues in Louisiana, she/he was overarching into TN, and pretty much most other places in our backyard vicinity.

In fact our back yard currently looks like this:

So, we canceled those plans and found the one place within reasonable driving distance that wasn't supposed to be affected by the Lee-ster. At least until Tuesday when we were driving home.

Atlantic City, NJ

Not exactly on our list of places to visit, (it's the Vegas of the East, and people generally come for the Vegas part). However, we got a fabulous deal on a 2 bedroom condo, and it wasn't suppose to rain until Tuesday. PLUS free beaches (a HUGE bargain in NJ).

How did it go?
We missed the traffic by going on Labor day and leaving Tuesday, and found the beach empty with the water pleasantly warmer than the ice I grew up with.

And Jackson?

Hmm.. Water,



And sand.

Thanks Lee for sending our 1 year old to toddler heaven!

And again, for the Grandma who loves to see some movement, here's a new video link:
Jackson at the Beach

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