Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Stunt Man

As his little shirt mentions below (I do all my own stunts), we are no longer doing stunts together. It is all him.

He has become very successful at some of his stunt man moves:

Sliding on his own,

Pushing and riding the merry-go-round (I didn't even think those things still existed!)

And working his little signing magic by asking for whatever his heart desires. (Imagine "mamama", his sign for "help please" and pointing to whatever object his deems necessary at the moment, and a sweet puppy smile.) It's very hard to resist, even though my phone is nearly broken from such magical plees.

Other stunts are less successful:

His signing magic and tantrums have yet to get him a pair of scissors, knives, or a hot pan (he is OBSESSED with helping me cook, especially at very dangerous moments). I thankfully can withstand such moves.

His run and trip move is not harmful 96.8% of the time, but every now and then we get some blood--like the blood that came pouring from his mouth last week on a walk/toddler run. We were of course as prepared as a cub scout, with all of an old receipt and a water bottle to clean him up with. Sick, yet phenomenal that the mouth can stop bleeding so quickly. (He was back to playing within 3 min.)

The most unsuccessful is usually the climb and fall move. He is capable of getting off most chairs by himself, but not when he is in tantrum mode. He recently produced a bruise with this move, I wish I had taken a picture of. Imagine falling 2 feet from a chair, head first onto the bottom bar of a high chair similar to the one pictured below. Seeing that Jackson was unsupervised, it was difficult to figure out what happened, until we saw a 2" bruise exactly the same size as that bottom bar appear across his forehead. Ouch. We've learned it's nearly impossible to ice said bruises for more than one second at a time. So you just kind of... let them heal and hope he learns something?

Learning to be more careful hasn't quite set in yet. After talking to moms of other boys, it probably won't for a while. We just hope for little to no permanent damage from his stunts unless it includes learning to be more careful.

Thankfully we don't think he'll take stunting on as a profession, as the quiet, calm, calculator still holds all plenty of charm for this little man. Whew!

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  1. oh the bruises! I'm glad he's okay!! I can't tell you how many times my little ones have bruised their foreheads, generally it's right before a portrait session. I used to want to edit out the bruises, now I think it's just part of being a kid, so why edit the truth?


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