Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cutting Edge

Aren't these things incredible?

The idea that 2 knives slicing next to each other could be that much more effective than one is amazing to me.

According to Wiki, Egyptians used a form of scissors back during their dynasty. But they were spring scissors. This picture exemplifies some spring scissors from the 2nd century.

Thank heavens they've come so far, because we've been using them a bit this week, and I'm pretty sure those springy things wouldn't have been much help.

I'm helping put on a halloween extravaganza for our church next weekend, and the gal in charge is going all out. In preparation, I got to cut the edges of orange and black crate paper. I was pretty shocked how spooky cut edges on crate paper look, but even more shocked by how efficient I got! Apparently folding the paper over on itself 4 times, and THEN cutting is the way to do it. Finished up the roll last night with only slight pain in my fingers :)

This little guy was the other victim of scissors. He was definitely getting a bit shaggy, so we took him to the basement with blessed Baby Einstein and snipped away.

I cannot believe how sharp those little guys are! Super scary to do any trimming near the ears--especially since it comes at the end of the attention span [note to self: trim ears at the beginning in the future]. But, with Mark's help we got this boy looking fresh and trimmed.



(Are you lovin the little hair stuck to the side of his cheek?)

And though scissors were not used, sharp twirling blades gave the same results after trimming the lawn today.

There's not much better than the look and smell of a freshly cut lawn. Although, I don't think I would ever want to wear it (can't believe Gap still had it on the shelves this past September!).


  1. Good haircut, Shaunel! One good thing about having a girl is I won't have to worry about cutting her hair for a very long time. If ever. :) I'm letting it grow until whenever she wants it cuts. Hope you and the family are doing well!


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