Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few Technicalities

Slight Technical Difficulties

# 1. The majority of times the camera is pulled out these days, Jackson instantly stops what he's doing, comes toward it and tries to push any buttons he can before I put it back up on the high shelf to pull out later.

# 2. The computer is not reading USB drives. It wasn't doing this 10 days ago, and Mark installed new drivers and they worked for 24 hours, and then stopped. This means, no new pictures for the grannies and aunties--even though all the ones I have are of him reaching out toward the camera.

#3. Busy week. I started teaching music 2 mornings a week at a local elementary school, and it has been amazing. Dream job. I get to sing with twenty 4 year olds for 30 min intervals, while 2 aids stay in the class to help with management. [Sometimes the aids cause more problems than the children.] Usually this new position causes very few problems, but on a busy week it pushes the blog post from Wednesday to Tuesday, Thursday, or who knows when. So there is now a little element of surprise for my few faithful readers ;)

Technically Awesome

#1. Mark's cousin Jason is in town for a week with us, and we are SO excited. He's like a tall pack of positive energy with science and engineering genius all mixed up into one person. Sweet! We'll be picking his brain on how satellites work and we'll see if he might have some insight into our USB issue too.

#2. I won tickets to go see Les Mis at the Kennedy Center last night. Apparently this has been one of Mark's unsaid dreams for quite some time. Way to go instinctual wifey sensors. The show floored both of us. Blew us completely out of the water. It's the new 25th anniversary version, with all new staging and the effects are stunning. And the voices. OH MY HEAVENS! Do these people have gills? My brain figured out that they must have voice recordings of the last notes of most of the songs, since they go on so far past the suggested 12 measures. Really, there's just no way they could keep singing like that. Going to a show like that makes me so glad I didn't go into any sort of performing career, because there are just ridiculously talented people who SHOULD make money at it. The singers sounded 200 times better than CD (ugh--Eponine on the cd? Ouch!), and Jean Valjean pretty much let the flies into my mouth (jaw was dropped) every time he opened his. The show was made for those voices and wow, was it powerful.

#3 Jackson is technically down for a nap right now (even if he's not quite asleep).

I love technology ;) [that's for you lindsey]


  1. I LOVE Les Miserables! I cry every time just listening to the voices. I'm glad you got to see it!

  2. LOVE it! Sounds like you've had a busy week!


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