Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ya, No, What?

My video capturing abilities this week were trumped by a sick baby who wanted to cuddle for once, and as such there is but one physical example of the most adorable words that escape Jackson's mouth multiple times a day. I will attempt to describe the various non-captured situations with great detail.


Jackson waddles around. We ask him some sort of question "Jackson, should we go get your shoes on?" Without skipping a beat or looking at us, he immediately answers with a nonchalant "ya" and continues walking. "Jackson, would you like brussel sprouts for dinner?" "ya." "How about we call dad" "ya." Ya, it's way too cute.

No--or I guess I should say Nyo.

There are times when he has a very passionate opinion, and is not as willing to just say ya. Transitioning from outside to inside, is a bit difficult. "It's time to go inside Jackson, come on over." Pause. Eyebrows begin scrunching, he sticks out his lips slowly and with great deliberation, a firm "nyo" comes out between the still puckered lips. "Jackson, it's time to go inside." Lips in all likelihood haven't moved from their puckered spot, but he says with more fervor, "Nyooo" followed by complete stiffening of his body. In most cases, his face slowly evolves into a tortured frown, that leads to a yell, and eventual laying on the floor (mostly from a lack of being able to support his body in such a contorted position). Although it is a huge pain, it's hilarious and it takes a lot of effort to not laugh at the scene.


I guess I never realized how often I used that word until I noticed Jackson saying it all day long. He now starts most of his self-started conversations. "What didoda" "What widawoda" "What disdidoba" It was very difficult to capture this on the camera, because as soon as he sees a video taking device he stops what he was previously doing. Hence this video's opening shot of the kitchen wall. I was also trying to get him to say "ya" in answer to a question, but... to no avail.

Did you like the nervous laugh he threw in during the silent moments. Fantastic. Hope keeps that skill, and loses the nyo tantrums.


  1. Hey Shaunel, You probably already know this, but your example of him having a hard time coming in reminded me of a few techniques that we use ALL THE TIME with Claire. Change is hard for little ones, so you prep them. We are going to go inside in two minutes, or two more times down the slide, then we go inside (some kids will need multiple warnings... In 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins 1 mins). Then if they still get upset. You can give them the option, do yo want to come inside on your own, or do you need my help? (this helps them to feel in control). I am not sure if this is helpful at Jackson's age. I can't remember when it started for Claire... I think around 18 months. He is such a cutie though! I love the video!

  2. Glad you guys are starting with time out for punishment. works wonders! :) We started Charlene around the same age. We would sit her in time out for the number of minutes of her age (age 1 = 1 minute, age 2 = 2 minutes, we got this from watching Super Nanny) and then we hold out our hand in front of her face a couple feet away and would tell her to calm down, and once she would calm down then we would tell her why she went to time out then tell her we love her and gave her a hug and kiss. It took a couple months, but eventually got it.

    an idea for Jackson that we use on Charlene before going inside or switching activities is we tell her 10 minutes longer, then 5 minutes and then its time to go and she is usually willing to go with. Before we did this, it was tantrums. Also we try to avoid saying no unless its a dangerous situation liking touching something hot or running into the street. When we don't want Theodore to touch something we go by it, and tell him "just look" or "wow, thats so cool" or "that's so pretty, lets just look". Takes a couple months, but worked with Charlene and we have just started with Theodore this week and can already see a difference. Just a couple ideas. If you ever have time to watch a supernanny. gave us lots of tips. :)



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