Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dragons That Go Poo in the Night

Here is our cute little dragon. He had the waddle (click for 20 sec video) and was patient enough to actually keep his little hood on.

Though we were not coordinated, we all managed to join Jackson in costuming ourselves for some great Halloween fun. Apparently I was the good witch of the South, and you should be able to tell what Mark creatively made (without a color printer I might add).

(Definitely worth clicking on this pic to see who commented on his wall)

Since Halloween was on Mark's class night, we were thrilled to be involved in our church's party on Saturday. The event was more than I could have dreamed possible with a ward party, and it a was a stunning success--with a band, decorations and a flash mob thriller dance to prove it:

(These awesome pictures were stolen from my good friend who's a real photographer)

(and yes I sounded as scary as I look in this picture--woops missed the key change!)

(Love how someone's flash lit up the top half of this scene)

Jackson's favorite part of the evening was all the people and the balloons! He confidently strode through the church building religiously toting a balloon to give us some clue of where he was (totally reminded me of mario cart).

On the actual Halloween night, we went to our friends' house to help pass out candy. They typically get 500 kids for Halloween. After being grateful for the 2 kids we normally get at our house, we went to trick or treat our cute neighbors. When the door opened, Jackson refused the treat and marched straight into their living space to show off all his tricks. He made himself right at home and had a great time cooking in their play kitchen and throwing balls at cute little S (the same gal who gave him kisses on her birthday).

Bonus gross story in honor of Halloween: This little dragon went poo in the toilet last week. No, I am not trying to potty train him at a ridiculous age. He was sitting in the tub when I heard his signature grunting, stood him up and caught the first log in a bowl, and then proceeded to plop him on the toilet for the second. All I could say was sick. But thrilled I didn't have to do any fishing. Bathwater was whistle clean.


  1. I thought our ward party was pretty neat...but I was wrong! Next year, we're coming out to YOUR ward party!

    Jackson looks awesome in that awesome suit.

  2. Hey shaunelly :)
    Looks like you guys had a great Halloween.
    Love your costumes. Jackson is ADORABLE!!!
    Gotta love Dragons that go poo ;)
    luv ya! kendra


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