Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy to you.

Jackson's favorite song the past 2 weeks has been the Happy Birthday Song. Impeccable timing considering my birthday was yesterday, and he can only sing 3 recognizable songs: Twinkle (how I.... you... up a...), ABC (A B!), and Happy Birthday.

We worked really hard all week to capture it because it was SO cute. He would start with a nice clear "happy" and then stick out his lips to say "toooo you."

We did get a few videos, but nothing's quite like the live action. That silly little kid is TERRIBLE at letting us film him. If he notices anything close to a camera, he's suddenly much more interested in the camera than what he was previously doing. We have many 2 second videos of him noticing the camera and crying to look at it. How fun.

So... here's what we got.

This was the night before when we were changing into pj's. The camera is facing him--so quality of the picture is down, but he's not trying to grab it from us!

Mark was conspicuously hiding his phone for as long as he could--hence the thumb in the way. We were a bit shocked when we watched it and noticed it was upside down! But, it caught Jackson's lips. So, I tried to edit it in youtube. I think it was successful but it often takes a good 24 hours for the video edits to show up--so early readers will find an upside down Jackson.

This last video took 45 min to upload and is a whopping 222 mb (normal size is around 50). I'm not sure why, because it's not that lengthy. But whatever. It's super cute and a great example of Jackson's repeating habit that was discussed last week;).

Happy To ME!

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