Thursday, February 9, 2012

Repeat. "wepea"

Jackson said "thank you" yesterday without prompting. It of course sounded more like "nainoo" but it was timely and pretty much fulfilled most of my motherly dreams. Following this moment of glory, I gave him a genuine, "your welcome"... which he then followed with "wo wewom" (his version of your welcome).

Apparently that's how kids practice speaking. Repeating everything you say. It's a thrill that he seems to communicate more of his needs via speaking, but sometimes communicating and repeating get a little mixed up. A couple nights ago, he was sick with croup, and I was at his beck and call all hours of the night. Every little "mommy" I heard, had me running to find out what he needed. Half of the time I'd get there and ask what he wanted, and he'd just look at me. Then I would ask, "milk?" and he'd say "mil." I'd go grab the milk, and he'd drink it for 2 seconds. If I asked, "cracker?" he'd say "kwakah" and nibble the corners a little. Finally I realized if I said any word he recognized, he would repeat it. Apparently he was uncomfortable and bored and just wanted to chit chat.

I guess that's how they learn to be grown-ups also, repeating actions that they think they can do too. This week was full of such actions and a few were captured on camera.

(This would Jackson putting on my athletic gear... specifically my sports bra)

Of course, there's the inevitable curiosity that takes over while trying these grown up tasks. I passed up many a good pictures this week, mostly because I was trying not to lose my temper. There was the salt poured all over the living room, the cheerios that were carefully poured on the floor, the book that was beautifully washed in the sink, and the lidless cups of water that Jackson drank for a while, and then carefully poured onto the floor. All successes come with plenty of set backs. I suppose that's how we learn.

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