Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am delighted to begin a gallery of fine art that I am sure will take over the house fairly soon.

I have earnestly waited for Jackson to take a real interest in creating artwork. Much of my anticipation was over having at least one quiet independent activity we could use during the day. However, I am surprised to announce that I don't always leave him to color alone because it's so fun to watch the different types of lines and shapes he creates.

It has certainly been a slow transition getting to this point. Back in November he had barely started taking an interest, and it landed a lot of wall drawings that are still evident throughout the house. He is still transitioning from the stage of throwing all the writing utensils on the floor, pushing the crayon's cover paper up and down or making sure they're really not a treat.

(I can't believe how often he comes in trying to fish the small bits of crayon out of his mouth.)

But those moments are now in the minority, and drawing is in the majority. I get many requests throughout the day to color.

Of course it would be nice if I could capitalize on the moments he actually wants to color. Somehow I keep mistaking "Kahkoh" for cookie.

Neither of us get terribly worked up over that little mis-translation.

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