Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chocolate Dilemma


I don't want to be the overprotective mother. I also don't want to deny my children the deliciousness of life in the name of nutrition. BUT we have a chocolate lover in the house, and it's not me.

These pictures were taken after making my birthday cake. (It was kind of a rude shock when I handed him the beaters the following week after making mashed potatoes--poor child).

On Sunday we had a nice crepe breakfast with some friends. Jackson only ate the chocolate chips.

He obviously appreciates the stuff.

Problem is, Easter is here and Jackson just got a nice little cold. I'm pretty well convinced that sugar (and dairy--but especially sugar) make it very tough to get rid of a cold. So, I'd rather he didn't eat sugar right now.

The great news is that he hasn't really figured out what candy is yet. Which is awesome, except we enjoyed a nice Easter egg hunt today for our weekly playgroup, and have another one scheduled for Friday. He dutifully helped fill our eggs, and was excited to find the eggs on the hunt--the whole time, he never even asked to try a piece. So, should I give all the candy to Mark (too sweet for my taste)? Should I let Jackson eat it right away? Or should I save it for a week until he gets over his runny nose and then let him in on the candy secret?

It's been such a nice secret to keep for so long... but I suppose it would be a nice tool to have for bribery purposes now that the binks are out of the window. Poor deprived child.

The next secret to go will be ice cream. Pah! Watch out daddy.

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