Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sticky Traits

I have a nice goal to finish Jackson's baby book, prior to our August 15th baby due date. I spent 8 hours "scrap booking" at a crazy scrap party my aunt hosted in March, and I've finally gotten around to writing stuff on the pages. During this process it has been so fun to reflect on how Jackson has changed since infancy, and what personality traits have stuck around.

- Loves loves loves attention
- Can go from super sweet to complete terror in 3 seconds or less

- Not so interested in eating if there's a party going on
- Generally easy to take anywhere, as long as he's fed and not tired
- Problems? Take him outside or turn on music--still magical today

Traits that were less sticky:
- Little to no desire to move
- Rolls of fat
- Solid night time sleeper
- Bald head and cradle cap

 (Gosh he was FAT! -- Jackson at 7 Months)

We love this kid, but especially love his new interest in sentence forming. Often it takes a bit of time to figure out what he's trying to convey (like today's explanation of his friend Tommy getting on the school bus), but generally he gets some message across. My favorites of late are "I did it!" and "I like it!" (with that L lingering on his tongue). By far his best word is "Okay." He's amazingly agreeable when reasoned with at this point in life, and if I take the time to warn him or tell him something in advance, he'll give me a nice "otay" and I know I can count on it.

This is one trait we're hoping sticks!

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