Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Jackson has been stopping randomly (like in the middle of stories, songs, and running escapades) to get reassured of his self identity. His face generally scrunches up with a slightly concerned look and he points to his chest and says, "I Dackduh" (poor kid can say L's and R's but hasn't gotten the necessary tongue twisting for his own name). He'll keep saying it until someone assures him "yes, you're Jackson."

Fascinating! Mostly because he's responded to his name for so long, but I guess that's a lot different from realizing you are a separate person. He also LOVES listing off friends we might see during the day. On working days, he loves rattling off "Dack, Dane and Commie" (Jack, Jane and Tommy), but boy does it get exciting when either of these two are coming over:

Ms. Lilia

or Bodie man

(Bodie's shirt says "Don't make me flex, I like this shirt." )

It's curious that Jackson can say their names with perfect clarity, but way cuter how much of a thrill he gets when they come, and all the memories he's started to associate with them. A ladybug landed on my arm when Lilia was here one day--ladybugs now seen in books and in nature all evoke a long explanation about Lilia. (Which, is even cuter because she was a part of the ladybug family for Halloween.) Sitting on a ball next to the door like the picture above--means "Bodie!" is screamed. Jackson knows each of their their houses very well, and I always feel so bad when I just have to pick something up or drop it off as he cries "Bodie" or "Llillllia" (he loves lengthening the l). How disappointing for the little guy, but SO cool that he has friends his age whose parents don't stay at home all day long.

He also has recently mastered "Enwie" (Henry), but I think he gets incredibly confused because of the 5 or 6 different Henry's we frequently play with. Certainly a little tricky to explain, but he's starting to figure it out.

We're still working on object identity. T's have been replaced with the p sound lately, and boy, jackson sure loves to use his "poopbrush" (toothbrush). It's almost so funny, we're not sure we should work on it.

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  1. Haha! I am still laughing about the "poopbrush"...I love you Jackson. And just for the record I think Jackson will go down in history as Lilia's first kiss since she grabbed his cheeks on Sunday and gave him a big wet one! They are cute little buddies :)


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