Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joys of Camping with 3 and 2/3

We took a sporadic camping trip this weekend to a camp ground 45 min away.We were hoping since we left after nap time, Jackson would just take his afternoon nap in the car. Guess we should have picked a camp ground a little further away if we wanted that to happen. This kid was on an adrenaline high to say the least. Every moving vehicle on the road was yelled out at the top of his lungs the whole way there.

At 4 pm when we set up our brand new tent, this is what he was doing:

He didn't stop until 9 pm, when he crashed in his pack n' play (yes spacious tents!)

We went on a little hike the next day down to the water. I went back to the tent a little early to take a nap--since baby and I got all of 3 hours of sleep during the night. [Note to self: if you are ever stupid enough to go camping during 3rd trimester again, do yourself a favor and bring a hefty air mattress. Camping pads are too thin for your new body size.]

Mark and Jackson stayed down at the water, practicing their throwing skills. Jackson was in pure heaven. Rocks, water, Dad, and splashes.

I love his facial expressions in this sequence

Mark said he tried numerous techniques to woo Jackson back to the hiking path... none of which were successful. He finally just had to carry him away screaming at the top of his lungs.

We ended with a little dip in the pool at a nearby water park. Jackson has talked about his wet hair, and swimming everyday since. 

We're still recovering from his missed nap--many many tantrums have come out since we've been home, but other wise he is sure one happy boy!


  1. Your little boy is SO cute! And congrats on baby #2!

  2. I keep thinking he can't get any cuter - then he does!! Thanks for sharing such fun pictures and memories:)

  3. Shaunel, you are so brave to go camping in your 3rd trimester! When I was in my 3rd trimester, I couldn't even be comfortable in my bed, much less on the floor in a tent.

    And I love Jackson's sunglasses! He's all ready for Independence Day!

    Are you still on vacation now? I haven't seen your car since we got back from our vacation last Saturday.


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