Thursday, May 3, 2012

Energy Begets Energy

7:45 pm each night, Jackson does sprints between our front door and our kitchen. If it's time to read a story he sprints to his room, sprints back with a book, jumps on the couch 5 times and then jumps up to land on his bottom. He squeals with delight over the funniest things while reading the book, and then suddenly, he's in bed, and somehow he's usually asleep by 8:20. Where does that energy suddenly go?

When he wakes up, he'll often pull himself up half awake so he's standing on in his crib, and start jumping. Before he's even totally awake! I am trying to cherish this because I know all too well what happens at age 13, when suddenly energy is thrown out the window.

To help release some of this energy, we've been bringing our "lello cah" to various parks, and sprinting after it. Unfortunately the "gween cah" used to come also, but it has been missing. Jackson's asked about it 20 times already today. Wish I knew where it ended up!

Jackson continues to be famous among his friends for his jumping abilities. He can now jump in circles, backwards and sideways. His jumps are so intense, they remind me of my extreme aerobics videos that use plyometric jumps (squat jumps, lunge jumps) to really get heart rates up.

He also is obsessed with walking along any small sort of retaining wall. Balance certainly requires plenty of energy, so I generally succumb to his sweet "hep pwees" and help him up to walk on the heart thumping walls.


We try and get as much energy out, to hopefully induce enough exhaustion so he'll sit down and do a puzzle or play with a toy. Usually though, the energy release just means more energy to come. As Sister Hall always said "Energy Begets Energy!"

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