Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boys, Sleepovers and Hairdos

Jackson had his first friend sleepover on Saturday. Bodie's parents were going to a late party and couldn't find a sitter, so we thought it would be fun to just have him spend the night. Since we sport a 2 bedroom house (for which we are very grateful!) we thought we'd try putting them in the same room.

Bodie even brought his own mattress, pillow and two teeny blankets (which was all he allowed to be touching him while he slept).

We knew doubling them up would be on the more thrilling side of sleeping arrangements either had experienced, but we thought we'd give them 45 min or so to get their crazy's out and then they'd crash.

Apparently crashing does not happen when you are in the middle of a jump-a-thon. Or when you let out any kind of sound and the other kid in the room thinks it's hilarious and mimics you perfectly. I suppose I would have a difficult time sleeping in this situation, and I suppose the mimicking is not a habit boys grow out of at sleepovers (it just moves to bodily functions).

So, plan B: pull the most awake child out of the room and let the other fall asleep (hoping awake child calms down and can be snuck in a little later). Yes, this was highly unsuccessful also. Plan C was born around 9:30. We moved Jackson into the pack n' play in our room and Bodie stayed in Jackson's room. This is when crashing occurred, and we kept shaking our heads for not thinking of it earlier.

Amazingly, they both slept well, Bodie only wandered the hall once--4 am--saying "shaunel, shaunel, blanket, blanket." I was pretty impressed he remembered where he was, and held it together to just ask nicely for a lost blanket.

Super lucky for me, it was mother's day the next morning, so Mark got up with the overly anxious boys at 6:45, to play play play.

This was when we discovered Jackson's awesome new hairdo. 

Apparently Bodie's careful nightly head positioning that gives him such an awesome do, is contagious.

We're really looking forward to figuring out how a new baby sister in the room will affect Jackson come August. Should be many great nights of plan D E and F!

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