Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day

It was Mark's b'day on Saturday. We decided to celebrate for most of the week, and sing the birthday song all day on Saturday.

It's funny how Jackson makes everything so much more exciting than us boring adults. So, we enjoyed celebrating Mark's birthday by entertaining Jackson.

This meant the long awaited bus ride down to Georgetown.

Jackson was by far the most enthusiastic rider (especially compared to all the plugged-in commuters) --"Truck!" "Water" "Crane!" "Boat" "Airplane!!!"

We went specifically to get a cupcake at the infamous Georgetown Cupcake, but since we saw an awesome fountain, we stopped there first, and had a bonus duck feeding.

And then the cupcake.

Jackson even got to top off the day with a playdate at Lilia's house while Mark and I went to a Brazilian Steakhouse yummy!

The actual birthday was spent at Clemyjontri Park--a place I've been wanting to check out, but just haven't gotten around to. This insanely large, all rubber matted park was designed to be very accessible for handicap children, and as such was a toddler paradise!

To really help the birthday sink in, Jackson insisted on singing happy birthday to Dad, at every meal and multiple times (he even rounded up a tea light candle from who knows where to help out at breakfast time).  Overall, I think Mark enjoyed his birthday by thoroughly enjoying Jackson. Oh happy day.

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