Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Energy Channels

Jackson's energy seemed to be sedated after Allie came home from the hospital. There were still plenty of dramatic moments--good and bad--during the day, but he didn't seem to be doing laps around the house every few minutes. I figure this might be why he experimented with no naps during Allie's second week of life. His energy output was not requiring a 2 hour rest.

I'm happy to report he has shifted back to his extreme energy filled 2 year-old self, complete with 2 hour naps.

What comes out of his mouth is by far the most entertaining part of this energy. The following are some of his choice parroting phrases that channel that energy:

"Oh my gosh Mom!"

"Oh MY!"


"Shoot!" (pronounced shyute)


And of course we hear the normal 2 year old fare:

"Watch this mom!"

"Look at this mom!"

"I go FAST"

"I stop FAST!"

"Tickle tickle tickle! He he he he he he! SO silly!"

On Monday, his feet seemed to have a rough transition back to their full energy abilities. By 7:30 pm, Jackson looked a bit scuffed up from all of his injuries from the day. Let's review:

  • Run in with sidewalk = double knee scrape, + elbow scrape (one re-scraped)
 [much blood, and band aid refusals]
  • Merry-go-round and barkdust =nice purple forehead goose egg
  • Cement steps and gravity = scraped forehead
  • Head first off couch during jump-a-thon=no visuals, but very scared Mommy
  • Bonus pre-existing rash from summer = no one wants to play at our house ;)

Luckily this little lady is still injury free (knock-on-wood!), and as gorgeous as ever. (And yes, she is timidly looking out for her brother's kisses/raspberries/tickles).

And, her head is either starting to grow, or she's beginning the signs of the receding hair line like her brother... luckily we can put bows on her!


  1. Boys are so much more wilder than girls! When we took out the life insurance on Theodore when he was only a week old, we asked why his was more money than Charlene's. they said boys are 10X more accident prone and die younger. I think Jackson isn't helping that percentile on the prone list. LOL

  2. Oh I forgot to mention. The rash around Jackson's mouth looks to be a mild case of eczema. Hard to treat, but there are some things to help make it not so bad. Ask his doctor and they can tell you different things to help it.


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