Friday, September 14, 2012


I thought my kids looked so much alike. Apparently they are complete individuals who just share the same parents.  Can you tell the difference as easily as I can?

I suppose they have many similar mannerisms. But I have a feeling that has more to do with being a newborn than being from the same womb.

Looking back on Jackson's baby pics, I can't believe how thin his hair was! We thought he had so much.

Everyone comments quickly on Allie's hair, and I realize there's a great reason. Oh my luciousness. 

So many times I just want to nibble on her for a snack. Oh she's SO yummy looking. (This may or may not have anything to do with her nibbling on me all day long).

We've started to figure out some of her individuality beyond her physical traits:
-She's very startled by loud noises
-Hiccups are guaranteed if she's not burped or held up right for 30 min after her feed
-She strongly dislikes going to sleep (this is especially annoying at 2 am)
-She has the cutest cry with a full on protruding bottom lip (though it gets less and less cute the more it happens during the day)
-She's great at pulling away from Jackson's incessant kisses (a good sign she can defend herself)

Jackson is also showing new areas of individualism. He has started to add to our meal and bedtime prayers. I’ve decided this peek into his mind is wholly worth any extra effort it takes to say a prayer.

The boy could pray for a solid 15 min if we let him. Some day we might, but generally we get tired of translating (which he insists on) and we're hungry for dinner! Since Allie came home from the hospital, he’s been very good about praying for Allie and for baby sister. In addition, his friends rotate through the prayer list (as well as all family members he can think of). But the best is when he runs through that list, and moves to sorting through what’s important to him. He starts with a drawn out “ummm.. aaannd…” and then proceeds to list off what’s on his mind or in his sight. Trains, Daddy riding the big trains, the zoo, zebra, balls, the park, swings, music, roller bowler (a wrestling game played with Dad), water, drinks, Allie sleeping, Allie awake, farms, pictures, daddy’s pictures (the iPhone), clocks, dinosaurs, etc… It’s quite humbling, hilarious and such a unique opportunity to see into his mind. 

We're thoroughly enjoying these little peeks into the minds of our offspring. What individuals!

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  1. Her hair is perfect...cause she is a girl. :)


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