Friday, September 28, 2012

MINE! Yours and Ours

Two weeks ago, Jackson started the 2 year old phase of "DAT'S MINE!" Of course, everything in the house became his--all of Allie's cute new pink blankets, my nursing pillow, the remote control, kitchen chairs, and of course all of his toys whenever a friend comes to play.  To combat this, I started requiring those words to be replaced with a pleasantly toned, "That's ours! Can I use it right now?"
Shockingly, great repetition taught him quickly, and he's pretty quick at fixing his "mines" to "ours" these days.

Unfortunately this was just in time for him to get a nice runny nose. I have gone from insisting everything is "ours" and that we share, to this is "your" water bottle, and handkerchief (a burp cloth), cup, chair, etc. Oh boy, I've become a paranoid mama trying to keep his stuff separate--dreading the thought of nasal spraying my 1 month old in the middle of the night.

 Sure enough, what was his, has become ours. With Jackson's "hot lipped" nature, we've all gotten a slight case of the sniffles. Thankfully it's been limited to cute little boogers for Allie. So, no late-night nose sucking yet. It does make we want to purchase this little Japanese beauty. Every mom's dream.

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  1. I know the last place you want to go is Walmart... but they sell this great contraption. A battery operated nose sucker, and it even sings songs. Its aweseome! I have never had one with a baby, but I heard they are awesome. So I picked one up... next to the safety stuff at Walmart. Good luck!


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