Thursday, July 18, 2013

A-L-L-I-E & Dadan!

It's been a while since we had a peak into our normal happenings.

Allie (11 mo next week!) has been busy getting around the house. She frequents the bathroom, and finds the toilet a perfect sized pool to splash in. She also went down stairs all by herself. Definitely one of those awesome parenting moments--thump thump and then the scream. Good job Mom. Her latest is to carry around clothing in her mouth. You never know when they'll come in handy--could break an impending fall. It super cute, until she finds Jackson's dirty underwear.

She is definitely still in the oral stage, with loads of sand going into the mouth at the beach a couple weekends ago. She never quite figured out it wasn't too tasty, so we ended up holding her most of the visit. 

 Although her taste buds are not refined enough to reject sand, they are very picky and demand a specific diet. She still lives on avocados, potatoes and watermelon. But, she feeds herself! It looks like this afterward, but I love I do not have to be sitting by her side.

She LOVES swinging. Swinging, and anything Jackson is doing. In fact, we can confirm that her only recognizable word is Jackson's name: she loves Da dan!

Jackson really enjoys spelling Allie's name--he's not totally convinced he needs to work on his own, but he's got A-L-L-I-E down. Lately he has been practicing random letters--totally spontaneously. H for "Henry" is a big favorite. This was great when Mark's birthday came along, and I needed a scribe for my attempt at jumping on the pendent banner train. Jackson totally personalized it for me and only needed help on R and Y. Go Jackson!

Jackson has been spending Allie's nap times building intricate train tracks. Generally in his underwear, and generally talking or singing the whole time. I love it. Perhaps not the underwear part, but the self talk is a blast to watch.

Next we need him to self talk his way through cleanup--the train tracks and the underwear that Allie manages to find...

Loving our unscheduled, summer days!


  1. So cute! I can't believe I'm not around to pinch those great cheeks!

  2. As much as I love it when they first say mom and dad I think it's a million times cuter to hear them say their siblings names. LOVE IT!!


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