Monday, July 1, 2013

Sibling Love

I have a new brother. Fun! I call it insta-sibling.

My lovely sister Lindsey got married, and there was lots of newly-wed love (fyi--we confirmed that they love each other more than ice cream) and plenty of sibling love:)

The Newly Weds:

 And then the siblings:

(Aren't we all matchy matchy cute)

With 10 kids in Brant's family, Lindsey got massive insta-sibling.

Never to replace the sistah love we shall maintain!

Amongst the sibling love, we could not leave out my parents siblings who all managed to make it to the wedding (that would be 13 brothers and sisters plus most spouses and many kids). They took on the brunt of the manual free labor required in mormon-wedding land. The flowers, the food, the music, the cake, even the electric power was all labored over via siblings. 

And then there were our cute little siblings. They were so loving to their mama, but not so lovely during all the festivities. Jackson got sick a few days before our trip. I tried desperately to keep him from sharing it with Allie, but it was definitely lovingly shared. We spent much of our time in Utah, trying to contain the sickness so the 20 other tiny tots wouldn't get sick. This picture shows how they were most of the trip. Very cuddly! Hopefully we didn't share it with Mark's Grandma!

The kiddos made the photographers work hard-- (thank you Elena for taking pictures for me!)

Post-fever and in between coughing, I managed to capture a couple cute ones of Allie,

But Jackson saved all his smiles for later. Did they sit for the nieces and nephews picture? I'm not sure photo-shop could even help them. Jackson's body suddenly contorted into the craziest positions when we'd start walking over to take a group shot, and his face was so mad bystanders should have been angry at us. Allie being less mobile is likely in the shot, but flailing her hands and screaming. So sweet.

Despite the sickness, we had a lovely time, and are really looking forward to getting to know our new sibling Brant during future family fun. Hopefully sans sickness.

Lindsey decided not to continue the sister-hood of the traveling dress. Though it would have been fun to see the ol' gown again, I loved her dress. Check out the back. What a stunning sibling I have :)

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  1. Love your post Shaunel!!! Every thing from that day looks so beautiful. Definitely a lot of family love to go around :) loves! kendra


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