Friday, July 26, 2013


I mean can you think of a better term for this charming young model?

I definitely got a few studly shots this week. Most of my subjects were wearing something on the bottom, like this guy who decided to install our new car battery. Woot woot! Thanks for saving the dough and getting greasy, honey

Or this cutie, who thinks she has studs for feet. Seriously worried she's going to take up walking before 12 months. Not quite ready for that yet...

Despite all the studiness, I'm sure we have no future models on hand. Mark thankfully went into a much more family friendly line of work, Allie has no interest in accessorizing (a definite must in modeling) and Jackson still refuses to have a picture taken by a stranger. We managed to get an almost group shot of 2 of my former teaching buddies and kids this week (yes we were all preggo at the same time for both kids). Everyone is in the picture, except Jackson who is 4 feet away with his cute face hiding in his hands.

So to put his studly nature to good use, I am proposing dancing as a career again.

I think she could be his assistant for sure:

Dad will balance this all out with continued practice in the art of manliness...

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  1. I just love your blog. What darling children and we miss them.


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