Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hallow's Eve

Despite being one of the oddest holidays we celebrate, Halloween has turned into the second most celebrated and enjoyed holiday in our family. According to wiki, we really should be celebrating the dead Christians, but it's turned into quite the pumpkin and candy extravaganza that is a blast for my inner music teacher and my kids.

Despite not really having a larger purpose than fun, we have really loved the month of October this year.

Allie has dutifully worn her 3 halloween shirts at least three times each week:

 We revisited slide haven at Cox Farms' Fall festival, 

and have... no slide pictures. Jackson is now scared of large hill slides... (among other other things), so I was on all the slides with him.

We went to a gorgeous pumpkin patch way out in the boon docks, that had the coolest pumpkins for .50$ a lb.

It made me want to get all Martha Stewarty and create a gorgeous mantel place center piece. 

I suppose we celebrated some part of the Christian roots by attending our church's halloween party. I LOVE having a good excuse to dress up and be someone else. This year, the kids and I are sticking to a nursery rhyme theme (Miss Muffet and The Spider + Old Mother Hubbard), and Mark went... in a different direction:

Don't the kids look like they're having a blast!?

Jackson has continued to talk about trick or treating this entire year, and he can't wait until Thursday, when we go re-meet our neighbors who will give him candy. Hopefully all the other crazy costumes out on the streets don't add to the list things we're scared about right now (I'm guessing the candy will chase away most fears).

And perhaps next year we'll find a larger purpose for the holiday. Family History? I'm sure we have a lot of very interesting dead Christians we could dress up as.

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  1. loved the costumes and fun pictures. Thanks for sharing


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