Thursday, October 3, 2013

Polarized Sameness

I've decided the human condition gravitates toward polarized sameness. Same, as we all share so many of the same goals. Polar, because there are so many different ways to get to that goal. We're all made up of the same chemical compounds, which are made up of the same basic atom. And yet, we all have those ever repellant electrons working hard to maintain so much of their own space within that atom.

I see it poignantly right now in politicians--really most politicians want the same thing, they just have different views on how to get there.

I see it clearly in marriage. I am so good at finding what could go wrong, or another view, or taking the other side in an argument--when really, half the time, I completely agree with Mark. 

I also see it in my kids. So much of the same, and so different. So many laugh-a-thons, and more and more fights.

Inevitably, this polarized sameness is how we are strengthened--if we can learn how to deal with our crazy repellant electrons and appreciate what they create as a whole.

So here are my two little atom-filled kids.

It is so much easier to take pictures in non-crisis moments,

which helps perpetuate a longing for happy times in the past.

  But when we can capture and remember the more repellant times,

we can attempt to recall and recreate how we worked through past tantrums,

to eventually create unique, repellant, but beautiful wholes.

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