Friday, October 18, 2013

Just a Phase

Phases are one of those parts of parenting you understand before kids, after kids, and especially during child rearing. Unfortunately it's so hard to remember anything is a phase if it happens for longer than 2 days. Minor issues become potential character flaws and major emergencies that must be fixed now (especially with the first kid)! I think this is because they can be oh so draining, and as a parent you dread the idea of dealing with it for the long term. 

But, in the long term they are pretty funny, so here are some to remember

Phases we are potentially over (we hope):

-Allie waking up in the middle of the night to eat (hallelujah, and knock on wood)
-Jackson collapsing to the ground moaning of leg pain any time he is asked to do something (it is always his leg, and immediately upon request)
-Jackson banging his head on the ground in frustration

Phases we are currently working through:

-3-7 poopy diapers a day (Allie)
-3-7 teeth coming in at once
-Extreme twists and screaming to accompany diaper changes
-Jackson's further explorations with diaper changing materials (maximum strength Desitin!)
-Allie's interest in rearranging every household item--baking soda to the toilet paper, she knows best where everything should go
-Jackson's shyness manifested with a slow turn of his head (looking away from whoever is speaking to him) and a stone face that says, I'm not listening to you right now
-Allie banging her head on the ground in frustration

Phases that will likely stay around:

-Allie's new obsession with electronic devices (I am NOT going to sacrifice my phone that's hanging on by a thread--even in moments of desperation)

-Jackson sprinting through the house throwing and kicking balls
-"Silent" book reading for both (woot woot!!!)
-Mark and I looking for new ways to channel our own frustration--banging heads could be a viable option

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