Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Released

Spring is rightly named. It's potential energy could easily be compared to a coiled spring undergoing tension.

We've been watching buds form for weeks on many of our favorite flowers around the neighborhood, and then one day it's as though the spring gets released and the buds pop into stunning colorful energy delighting anyone willing to look.

With no school for Mark, I have been watching the azalea buds and the ensuing flowers carefully. I have wanted to attend The National Arboretum's azalea festival for a few years, and going at the peak is preferred. Peak came on a free Saturday, complete with sunshine and a bonus bonsai festival. Away we went.

I was quite surprised the Arboretum's plants looked little like the carefully trimmed azaleas that dot landscaped yards throughout our neighborhood. They were much more like the untrimmed wild thing we have growing in our yard--with open branches and uneven trimming. The colors were overwhelming and diverse compared with neighborhood azaleas, but much less dense.

We attempted a lovely family picture, but with Allie's hairdo, my jaunt with exercise within the park and Jackson's hatred of strangers photographing him, we probably should have stuck to a solo shot of Mark. But oh, those gorgeous sprung flowers.

 When Mark and I went to the temple the other night, I decided to bring the camera. Though I loved very few of the pictures I got, I was thrilled to try and create a frame that attempted to capture the beauty of the spring. The tulips, azaleas, and dogwoods were overwhelming.

It was quite the long bitter cold winter... but goodness, the flowers called back with such beautiful energy. What a gift!

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