Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Moments Fleeting

Prior to forgetting, I want to record:

Allie at 21 Months

We're growing out the bangs. It's a slightly awkward stage, but after our last try at cutting, we decided they should grow.

Allie has nasal "nyo" that is pushing her into independence. She pulls out "no nononono no!" whenever we try to help her do anything she has the slightest potential of doing by herself--like buckling her carseat, or climbing into her crib.

"Mommy mommy mommy!" Allie's pronunciation of "mommy" makes her sound very articulate, when really her vocabulary consists of maybe 20 words. I suppose she's gotten plenty practice.

Her dramatic conducting style is beyond adorable (watch out G'pa Ardean). She loves to conduct. Often she'll stand on one of the bathroom stools and go at the music with 2 hands. I haven't figured out what songs trigger the movement, as it seems pretty random, but when she is inspired the music comes alive.

Jackson at 4

The esteemed 4 year old asks everyday how old various people will be when he is 5, 10, 42, or 100. "When I'm 19, how old will Allie be?" He also loves reaffirming that he will always be older than his little buddy Ms. L, and is likewise disappointing to learn he will never "beat" Bodie to a particular age.

After a recent nature walk, we have both become enraptured by our neighborhood birds. Unfortunately our identification is limited to Robins, Cardinals and Blue Jays, but Jackson's excitement over the birds has me predicting future bird loving.

And the accomplishment of the week, pedals.

(Don't mind Allie's wailing screams. She was not injured, just scared I would leave her.)

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