Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"I can't put my arms down"

We went from practicing our rolling in these lovely summer light footsies---(can you believe he's that close to rolling over, and he still won't go all the way over!)...

to doubling up on these cute thicker pj's...

to... winter.

I think the rolling practice just got moved to daytime, as we're now sporting

1 onesie, 1 normal footsie, & 1 fuzzy footsie. Every night I hear Randy's voice coming out of Jackson's mouth saying, "I can't put my arms down!"

Lest you forget where that classic line comes from, feel free to view the scene here. I look very similar to the mother when I get Jackson dressed for the night.

Do not get me wrong. I DO NOT miss our humid sauna weather, but it was a dramatic leap to go from 90 degrees, to 50 in one day. We haven't got up the gumption to turn our radiator beast of a heating system on, so that means lots of clothing at night.

(Somehow his little fingers are STILL cold in the morning!)


  1. Lol... that clip is so funny! I remember doing the same thing with Claire! That is so crazy about the temp drop. Here it went from a high of 90 to 68 in one day... not as bad, but still sudden. I know what you mean about cold hands... I used mittens, but they do come off pretty easily even when Claire was a newborn. Jackson is adorable as ever! Love ya babe!

  2. Jackson has this look...."Why Mom...why are you torturing me so?" in the big red suite picture....I can see it in his eyes... Love this little guy!


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