Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Balancing Act

We've been doing some balancing lately.

Balancing on ladders to clean the windows--

Balancing between cuteness and torture (it was only 85 degrees outside)

Balancing the fine line between two types of mothering:
helicopter hoverer or carefree & wild

(I'm all about letting him taste, and then pulling it out)

And... balancing our body weight on little chubby feet

Woo hoo! We didn't even have to practice that one. I just got my hands pushed away.

We'll keep on balancing sanity by picking up the same toys 10 times in one day, finding time to read a book and weaning this child off of mom and over to the real cow! 12 months next week.


  1. Yaaaaaaay Jackson! Nice work on your balancing kid!

    And to you Shaunel, I loved this post. My everyday is a balancing act between crazy and not so crazy. Go figure!

  2. Good work Jackson! What a big boy! Love the cute vest! I don't think 85 degrees is too hot, especially with the way they air condition churches. :)


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