Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Big Boy"

Monday was a big day for Jackson. He pulled himself up to standing, whined the whole day about not being able to walk by himself, and officially turned 11 months.

We're all about 12 month clothes around here, and everything the big boys do. Every time I set Jackson down to crawl around, he plants his feet firmly on the ground, makes his body as stiff as a board and refuses to bend. Apparently crawling is so last month. Generally I'm of the opinion "fine, you can lay here", but other times, I cringe at the thought of hearing that potential angry scream and I'll hold his hands as he toddles around.

His favorite place to go is the bathroom. We try and keep the door closed, since he seems to enjoy latching on to this fine friend. And by latching, I mean with his mouth. Yes. Gross.

A close second remains the piano. On whiny days like Monday, we were at the piano for many extended periods. He discovered the standing and playing technique on Sunday, and feels it adds a new dynamic to his compositions. I'm thinking of sticking his high chair in front of the instrument. It would have to be lowered, trayless, and Jackson would have to be strapped in because of he has a particular love for high and low pitches.

We toddle over to the park (in the stroller) most days. What a relief for both of us. Fresh air, swings and slides. This is where he really seems like a big boy.

Enjoy the innocence of youthful glee in this little clip.

Bonus pic. So proud that he could rip his bib off and continue eating. Oh boy.


  1. so so cute!! I can't believe how big he is getting. 11 months!! Woah! And I love how happy he is. Glad to see that you're doing well. :)

  2. I love that big boy of yours! The swing video was so perfect. It's just now getting warm enough to head out with the kids and I can't wait! Don't be surprised, but you're not the only mother who has issues with what her little man is latching his mouth on, Ethan enjoys shoes, toes and also the john.

    That last photo makes me smile!

    Happy 11 months Jackson!

  3. Does he still fit in his bumbo...Addison sits in hers and plays the piano next to me and it works great?!?

  4. Love that big smile -- especially with those little teeth peeking out.

  5. i absolutely love this age. except for the whole bathroom obsession...ruth was that way and now will is too! it's so gross!


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