Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matters of Trifle Importance

Clothing? Diapers? Really. They are not a universal necessity. Only one of the western world's numerous "needs". Jackson cares little for either one. The green marker is a distraction to enable this runaway horse to be saddled and clothed.

Sometime he wins. As of yet he has not peed on the floor.

Good thing Grandma's coming this weekend. She said she's really excited to do the little things like get Jackson dressed and change his diaper. Oohh... she's so innocent.

In other realms of the house--

We learned that "Dishwasher Safe" does not mean "Stovetop" safe. Good thing it was one of those extra niceties.

We did have to run this for the rest of the day. It was a wee bit stinky with all those man made fumes roaming about. I thought of calling poison control, but was too embarrassed.

Hopefully the smell is gone by the time Grandma gets here.


  1. Ha! Lil nakey bum! My favorite is plopping Ethan down, buck-naked, and watching him crawl/walk to the bathroom for bath-time! They're just so much cuter in their skin alone!

  2. Is your mom coming to visit or Marks? Fun! Thats too bad about the tray... those sure are nice to have!

  3. Soooo excited to be there and let Jackson run around the house naked! See you soon


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