Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grandma came and went. One rainy day, one sunny Sunday that was so busy, Grandma got to hang out with Jackson all day long. She claims it was heaven.

Despite all the wisdom and experience Grandma brought, we have only heightened the issue of clothing and diapering the kid. Any advice? Doesn't matter if we do it on the floor or the changing table. Both places inspire instant body turning and crawling away. Mad screaming accompanies any attempt to put the diaper or clothes on. New toys work, but only once. (By new toys, I mean various household items I'm willing to sacrifice for the sanity of clothing Jackson. We're running out of items fast!) Any secrets would be well appreciated.

On other fronts, all things that rest 2-3 feet above the ground are officially on red alert. In a house of our size, there are really only so many things that can be put on a high shelf. I feel like I've rearranged things so many times, there's little hope for finding any new spots. Luckily most of our stuff is cheap. So, I guess if a fifteen year old boom box, or the VHS player end up dying it's ok.

Jackson and I had to go find an new alarm clock for Mark this week. This hand-me down from who knows what decade, finally turfed out when Jackson tested it's ability to withstand Newton's 1st law of Motion. I guess Jackson is trying to move us to the current century.

Ironically, that front plate was already missing, and the thing still works. It just has a buzzing noise that won't stop, and won't let us sleep. I'm trying to decide if it's needed elsewhere in the house ;)


  1. Oh:) Jackson and Grandma are so cute together!! So glad you guys had fun together!

  2. Blake hates his diaper being changed, which always boggles my mind. Why would he want to sit in a messy diaper all day? Anyway, I've tried toys and objects that aren't meant to be toys and that usually works. But I've found that singing or doing funny voices while I'm changing his diaper usually allows me enough time to get a clean one on him and maybe a dab of diaper cream. It doesn't work all the time, but it usually helps. Just a thought!

  3. So glad Grandma got to visit! Jackson sure is cute :) The buzzing alarm clock reminds me of sleep overs and we would always take out the ticking clocks so you could sleep ;)

  4. @Whitney--Thanks! We'll definitely be trying that also
    @Kendra--ha ha ha! I can sometimes hear Jackson's ticking clock all the way down the hall. I'm set on keeping it in his room, so he won't have my same problem.


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