Friday, February 8, 2013

Hanging Out

With the recent escapades in potty training and the onset of post-Christmas sicknesses, we've done a lot of hanging out the past few weeks.

Often Allie manages to hang out in less than comfortable positions:

So we try and facilitate situations that will be a little more comfy. You know, like the stove top, with a plastic bag near by:

We finally put the old blue "washtub" away, and let the kids hang out together in the bath. (Yes, we've kept Jackson in the baby tub for a long time, but we've saved a lot of water! He's pretty amazed at all the space he could have if Allie didn't join him for his baths.)

Allie and Sophie hang out a lot. Good thing Sophie is such a good friend, and doesn't mind Allie's chewing habits.

Both kids are in love with making raspberries and elephant noises with their lips especially on hang out days. Jackson's were getting wet and messy enough, we decided to kick off the "life just isn't fair" phase. He is welcome to experiment with spittle and lip vibrations as much as he would like, as long as it's on the porch. I love logical consequences! Lucky little Allie gets to stay inside and practice them as often as she likes and even gets filmed doing it.

As the oldest child, I know Jackson will get to experience many of these situations, but hey! The life long response will include reminding him of all the time he got to hang out with just him and the parents. And they were definitely good times.

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