Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bed Shifts

Jackson moved into a big boy bed a couple of weeks ago. We were nervous about him staying in bed--especially since we couldn't even close his door tight (fun characteristics of an old home). But, since we left the crib up, (waiting for Allie's move from our room to Jackson's) it's a looming threat just waiting to be used on disobedient little boys. So, in general he stays in bed... amazingly with more than one blanket on!

Unfortunately, we have had a major, unexpected shift in morning wake up times. I used to wake him up by 7:45 am so he would be tired enough to take a nap. Now he comes shuffling in at 6:30am telling us it's morning and he wants to wake up. The good news is, he's ready for a nap by 1pm. The bad news is Allie is still quite the night owl, often staying up till 11:30 pm. Post marriage, I have determined I need 8 hours of sleep, and 11:30-6:30 is not working out.

So, since I get a solid nap from Jackson, and  I get to utilize my state of awesome productivity that occurs when I'm out of bed before 7:30, we are going to get serious about getting Allie to sleep earlier. Perhaps we shall start solid food and see if that helps (I doubt it), or maybe we'll just stop allowing nap #4 (around 6 pm at night). I have a feeling I mostly have to stop being wooed by her cuteness. Not sure that's possible:

BUT, if we are successful, perhaps we can let Allie join her brother in the big kid room.

We'll look forward to it!

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  1. She's so beautiful!! We've just had Parker in his big boy bed for a month or 2 now. We'll have to get our little guys together sometime!


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