Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creative Safety

When Allie is awake, my number one task is to keep her safe. She's rolling around like crazy and puts everything in her mouth. As such, hard corners and small items would seem to be her most life threatening dangers. Hardly. Her cabin-fevered brother is by far the biggest threat. We are always creatively figuring out how to keep him from spreading his various viruses (that seem to come rapidly) and keep him from injuring her out of curiosity or attention-seeking sake.
Common scene:
(Really, can I blame him? We all do want to eat her... he's just a bit more vicious than the rest of us)

 So, let's play "Simon does" and Allie is the Simon. (I wish this worked longer than 2 min.)

Or let's enlist her as the toy holder: "Go get her another toy--mark, get set, go! And another, go!"

We also encourage creative uses of household items:

(He figured that out all on his own. Never would have crossed my mind. )

 This was another fun household item experiment, but it was only successful because Allie was asleep. She would certainly have been more interesting than cornstarch. I call this, putting attention in his "debit account." Crucial to the rest of the day.


And for my own safety:

 My creative, chocolate, avocado, frosting-less cake.  Yes this was likewise important for Allie's safety. Both the dairy-less-ness, and the chocolate part.

Creative safety!

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