Thursday, February 21, 2013


Allie entered the world of solid-ish food. The recommended "first" cereal feed is something like 6 parts breast milk, and 1 part very fine cereal. Since I found Jackson's "first" food didn't seem to stay on the spoon at this ratio, Allie got a better ratio. It is still mushy paste--not quite the solid food it's termed to be.

She's seemed very curious about food lately, and with her 6th month birthday being today, I figured it was time.  (For personal record keeping sake, this event actually occurred Thursday the 14th.)

Full bowl:

Empty bowl:

Time Out. She ate the whole thing? Mark and I were both shocked, as was her system the next day. (There was some fowl stuff coming out of her behind--kind of mushy like the food, but a lot more colorful). Allie was not so shocked: 

I should have figured she'd be related to me. Watch out girl, although this talent of finishing everything put in front of you is fabulous for frugality, it sure makes for rough battles on the waist. Enjoy it while you can!


  1. Lol.. what a cutie! Its crazy that she is already 6 months! I love your pictures! Are you using a different lens, or setting, or lighting to get such great pics. I love how close up they are and how you get to see her beautiful eyes and long eye lashes!

    1. Same lens... I think it's the same as yours? (the one the camera came with). I still really only use the automatic no flash setting (the white arrow with the slash through it). I've been trying to notice where my camera is focusing more, and taking pictures only when it focuses where I want--or near by. But really it's just luck I figure. Sorry I'm not more technical!

  2. That's awesome!

    That face, she's killin' me...such a gorgeous face!


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