Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrations of All Kinds

We are celebrating a lot this week. 

Our happy Allie is back, and boy is she kicking! We sure missed her beaming smile during the previous couple of weeks. Glad her grumpy state was a result of teeth and sickness and not just a new demeanor.

She is getting closer to crawling as she leans forward and backward to get anything that looks remotely like an object that could be picked up. Pulling herself up was a very thrilling feat last Sunday--she giggled with gleeful excitement the whole time she held herself up there. Completely cute. Unfortunately it's a bit distracting when she's trying to sleep... easy to up, hard to get down.

 Allie is also starting to communicate. Her guttural sounds certainly make the voice teacher in me shutter at what she's doing to her vocal chords, but when you've got a big brother saying everything for you, you have to do what you can to be heard!

Someone else is having a big celebration this week. We made some cookies to bring to preschool tomorrow for Jackson's birthday. Apparently we haven't made chocolate chip cookies for a while (post Allie's birth). Jackson could not get over them. "I LOVE these mom!" "What are they called again?" (referring to the chocolate chips), "yumyumyum yum!! These are so yummy!!" "Can I have some more mom?" He would have eaten the whole batch if I had let him. Glad I did not since the tummy ache came from 2 beaters, a couple of spoons, some snitches and one cookie.

Our big celebration started tonight for Mark, who went to his very last Master's class. We'll celebrate again tomorrow when he turns in his last final. Jackson and I made a sign to commemorate. We are thrilled to be done with finals and eat dinner together again!!

(I'm sure you can see Mark riding his bike wearing a helmet amidst that gorgeous art. Did you catch "our little tiny house" in the left hand corner? It's right next to the "table" at the top. Important details.)

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  1. ha, I love how you posted that Jackson only hurts Allie 1 time a day now. how many times was it up to? LOL


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