Thursday, May 16, 2013

Livin' the Dream

We had one big fat 3 year old celebration last Saturday, with a school-free Daddy and a little bit of rain.

-Pancakes for breakfast

-Rock throwing in the lake

-Airport visit via train, with a shuttle bus ride on the way back

-Plenty of icing on the cupcakes

We told him it's all down hill from here.

And then we had the bonus rounds this week, playing with our new birthday toys.

And a sleepover at Bodie's house...

... while Dad did this.

Maybe we should have told him it just gets better and better.

This girl certainly thinks so.


  1. Can you believe you have a 3 year old? My boy just turned three yesterday and I can hardly believe it. And your Allie is such a CUTIE! Congrats on hubby graduating, that's got to be so exciting!

  2. yay for Mark graduating! so in finally finished right? and yay for Jackson turning 3! What a big milestone!


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