Thursday, May 23, 2013


Welcome Summer. And more frequent baths to clean our active, sweaty, dirty bodies.

It's about time to turn on the A/C units, and start living outside to escape the endless rumbling noise they produce.

So, we went to the fountain.

The ubiquitous fountain that Jackson has been asking about since February. We went with a friend from Portland and her little guy Dominic.

Jackson now calls it Dominic's fountain.

We went back on a whim yesterday, and brought Allie's suit to see if she had any interest. 

If her serious face in the above picture is any indication, she preferred eating her towel to the cold scary water.

 I preferred eating an amazing cupcake from the bakery next door. (What better way to test if Allie still hates dairy??)

Jackson has already asked to go back again. "It's summer mom! Can we go to Dominic's fountain???" All I can promise is, "we will!"

So glad you're here summer. I'm sure we'll be asking you to leave in a few months when we're sick of sweat and stickiness, but for now we're thrilled to have you.


  1. As always your kids are too cute. I love those splash pad/fountain things. It makes me less nervous than taking 2 untrained toddlers swimming in a big pool, if it is just me. So, I have spent a lot of time looking at the two in the top bath tub pictures...and please don't be offended. But whatever is behind Allie just looks like she had a huge diarrhea in the tub!!! :) What is the brown cloud behind her? :)

    1. ha ha! It's a infant bath sponge. It helps to keep the baby from slipping around in the tub. It does look a little gross!:) And totally agree with splash pads! They're awesome.

  2. I am sooo behind in reading your blog. and I can only get through a couple before my head hurts from looking at the computer screen. I will have to catch up some more tomorrow. Its so much easier to remember when you post the link on facebook.
    yay for fountains!


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