Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Consequences

Boy oh boy. The consequences of freedom--or at least a new level of freedom. Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia are the most recent big names to experience various "freedoms", but we could add Jackson to that list. I am not trying to say that the struggles and consequences for freedom in the middle east are anywhere near Jackson's crawling struggles. I just find the timing of both to be significant enough to point out.

He's had a few negative and positive results from his new crawling skills.


-He can now crawl all around our bed and really wrestle with Mark. Mark feels like he's reached the peak of his Fatherhood dream, especially since the wrestling was coupled with this the night before:


Jackson figured out how to open the door to the closet that holds the vacuum. After being physically removed from the location twice, he managed to go back a third time while mom wasn't looking and pull the vacuum on to his head. Lovely. Maybe he won't feel so much love for the thing in the future.

I received a phone call while I was out shopping for Jackson clothes last weekend. Mark was not happy to report that Jackson had taken a tumble down the stairs. Guess we know to keep that door closed all the time now. Rough day. I'm pretty sure Mark was way more shaken by the event than Jackson. Jackson was of course, as chipper as ever.


On a happy ending note, Jackson has learned to dance away his troubles. I first noticed it when I realized there was a connection between his hands in the air and the little music ditties NPR plays between their news stories. He then started doing it whenever he felt like he heard music--one of us whistling, trucks rumbling by on the street, my opera singing, etc. Despite its reoccurring appearances it was very difficult to capture on film. We were finally successful while blasting an accapella boy band from the previous decade. We're really not picky around here.


  1. Okay, so that labeled face photo really is sooooo perfect when you have a boy. I mean, they always have some mark (or more) on their head! Ooooo, little man, falling down the stairs! That must've been scary. Glad he's okay.

    I love your little boy. I could just eat him up. You know how it is, motherhood induced canabalism!

    love/miss ya much!

  2. I just adore this little man! Whenever I need someone to make me smile I come on over to the Jackson Blog....Thanks for all the videos....I just LOVE THEM!


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