Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Little Vacuum

Now that Jackson has improved his booty scooting abilities, he seems to be very good at mimicking his favorite household appliance--the vacuum. Not only can he lower himself into a floor kissing position (perfect for the best suction), he has mastered the finger-thumb pinching skill and uses it to clean up our floor.

Luckily, he shows signs of consuming--as he dutifully tries to chew anything he has found on the floor. Chewing is never a good thing to see, but much preferred to coughing or gagging (at which point I've missed the chewing stage). When I see any of the above, I rush down, and try and pry his locked mouth open--with his arms insisting he would rather be left alone. In lifeguarding they made the finger sweep seem so easy. Not so. But, I'm grateful to have the skill. UGH. The worst is when I can feel it, but can't get it out.

The following are some non-edible items we KNOW he's eaten:

-Sticky Pads
-Did I mention Paper?

The following are things we've been able to pull out:

-Whole garlic cloves
-Small pieces of plastic
-Stale pieces of bread
-Small plastic toys
-Remnants of things from the bottom of our shoes

I realize this is only the beginning of a long journey, since we're still figuring out how to crawl.


(image found here )


  1. a whole clove of garlic? that's awesome. I must say Ethan hasn't gotten to one of those yet.

    Doesn't this stage make you sooooo anxious all the time? Well, it does me. You never know what he's going to become acquainted with!

  2. OH I am so not looking forward to this phase (ha ha ha!) Love all the pics, who are we kidding I have to say that he is seriously one of the cutest little boys, Love the pic of him giving Mark the huge open mouth kiss...too funny!

  3. He's a "growing" boy, Mama! Bring him to St. Johns so Great Grandpa Jack can get him started on BEEF!!

    Grandpa Jack & Beverly

  4. Oh the joys of Motherhood! He is growing so fast! What a cutie!


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