Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Red Knees

I was holding a birthday suited Jackson the other night (sans clothing), and noticed his knees were bright red.

What could cause red knees???
Playing in red paint... no
Eczema... sometimes

At 10 + months he finally has mastered the art of getting where he would like to go. He's still got some smoothing out to do, (we think he looks similar to a wind-up toy or a jerky caterpillar), but he is moving and we're thrilled.

When he started showing desires to move around, I decided to see if crawling practice might help. So at the end of february I would spend time putting him on his hands and knees so he could feel what the position even felt like, and then moved his legs back and forth. He soon started moving from the floor to sitting, and then was able to start crawling backwards, and last thursday he moved forward and hasn't stopped yet. Who knows if the crawling practice is what pushed him over the edge, or if he figured it out by himself, but it's so nice for him to be able to go and get the ball that rolled away, or crawl to dad when he comes home from work.

It's all videos today... for the aunties and grandmas who have been very excited about the prospect of seeing him.

His facial expressions on this one are an added bonus.

I love him crawling from behind. His little bum is hilarious. These pants are not the most flattering, (nor are they on straight), but at least he's comfortable.

Bonus from from a week and a half ago. Jackson used to never move his feet when you'd stand him up to walk while holding his hands. He would just keep his feet glued to the floor and fall forward (we surmised it was the size of his thighs that was preventing movement). However, his thighs are the same size, and his feet now move! Woo Hoo.

Excuse all my "yaaay Jackson"s. We're just a little excited for all this growing up of late.


  1. You are darling. Okay, he is darling. There is too much darling going on in these videos! I mean, the lip movement in the first video? And just his face, his face is so so so so so so handsome! Holy cow.

    Funny, Ethan really likes the door springs as well!

    Isn't it crazy how quickly their first birthday's are coming?

    Anyway, I miss you!

  2. I'm thinking Primary just got more interesting. Jackson can help patrol the hallway now. :-)

  3. I love hearing all your 'yay Jackson' -- you're one proud mama as you should be! His focused face is so intense, I just love it.


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