Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine, Parks and Pictures

AAh! Warm enough to go outside without 2 coats and the bundleme. On average, we still are sporting jackets and hats, but every now and then it's warm enough for sweater weather. Like this day a few weeks ago when our friend Tabitha took some family pictures of us at nearby Bluemont park. She's starting a small photography business and asked if we would let her take pictures of us. HELLO!? How lucky is that! Couple that with good weather, and we were set. This last weekend it was chillier but we took on a great adventure and expanded the family to include 2 other little kids--Dathan (2 yrs) and Lilia (6 mo, and Jackson's most recent girlfriend). I was kind of apprehensive about jumping to a 3 kid family for 5 hours, but it was such a blast! The kids totally entertained themselves, and they seemed to behave better together than by themselves. We even braved a walk to the park. Is this out of control or what!?
Not sure what Jackson's face is saying, but it looks a little dejected.

Lilia and Jackson LOVED the swings

(why is it so hard to catch those smiles!?)

And Jackson got very close to going down the slide by himself. Woo hoo! We're looking forward to more sunny days to come--especially before the humidity, bugs and heat waves come at full force!

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  1. A lady in my ward has 6 month old triplets and a 2 year old, so she looks like you did with all those babies...except add a 2 year old holding onto the stroller. It's insane. She's amazing.


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